๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง Sevenoaks Rob’s past …

Well ten minutes back on the train and we are in Sevenoaks where Rob lived when he spent a year and a half in England in his young single years. A bit of a mind trip for Rob as he steps out of the station to see how Sevenoaks had changed in fifteen years. We walk up the street behind the station to see the two houses Rob shared with his friend Michael.

It was a tiny apartment just the two top windows formed part of his apartment in this beautiful old house.


The second house Rob lived in was just across the road.

Rob struggled to remember everything but it has been 15 years. ย (Words by Rob)

The houses and gardens here were nothing but amazing! Very English and there was a drizzle of rain in the air.

We went on a walk through the forest that Rob used to take and then circled around to the other side of Sevenoaks past a spectacular old church. The headstone in the graveyards were giant, taller than me. Not that I am that tall.


Then we went to the Knole Deer Park that was in the grounds of Knole House. ย Rob was trying to explain to me that there were deer, but there was no guarantee that we would see them. As soon as we went stepped into the park a herd of deer came by. A truly inspiring sight. This was a great spot for walking and it’s free.

Then we went back to the high street in town and caught up with John an old friend of Rob’s from 15 years ago and his wife. ย Facebook is amazing we have now caught up with two sets of friends because of Facebook. John and his wife are expecting their first child very soon!

It was great to catch up although a little trippy as it had been so long.

Here is Rob’s old drinking pub which was over 800 years old.



We then went back to London and saw the musical Matilda at West End, which was a great way to spend our last night before our road trip. The children in the play were amazing.

Not sure about these alphabet charts for my classroom wall!

This one is true!
Crowds at the underground on the way home! Just trying to get into the station!


We thought we might have to take alternative transportation.
The sneaky late night fox in our street!

Got him on camera finally.
Well it is goodbye to London. ย Hello to the rest of England as we pick up a car and set out on another adventure. Then back to Oz in less than two weeks.



  1. Love that venture! Beautiful scenery, renewed memories and catchup with friends. Agree that some of the signs would be inappropriate haha! Xx lots of love and wonderful to see how much fun you’re having ๐Ÿ˜Šโค๏ธ

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