๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง Driving in England

Today we said goodbye to our much loved Myddleton Square apartment to start our UK road trip. We will miss the magnificent church that over shadows our windows, the sneaky night fox who stealthy roams in the shadows of the dark streets and of course the cheeky and playful park squirrels who dance about from twig to garden walls.


We will not miss the Underground! We make our last journey through the bustling underworld. I often wait for the vampires to spring out of the under tunnels in the city streets deep below life above.


Back to St. Pancras International Train Station where our journey began in London. A well designed and very sophisticated and modern station. Floor to ceiling glass shop fronts are like art works.

An amazing Disney Christmas tree stands in the middle of the station for children and adults alike to enjoy.

Well sometimes there is a pay off for being late. They gave away our car booking as we arrived a few hours late but we had called to confirm. When we did arrive we were given an up graded sports car at no extra cost which Rob is enjoying driving. Of course it is blue, our colour and it looks a little like a mini but it is a Citroen.

Well the big double decker bus towers over us like an icon on the city streets in our small car.

It was easier exiting London by car than we had expected. In fact easier than our drive in Tuscany believe it or not. There were no big concrete over passes like in all Australian major cities full of bustling traffic impatient to be somewhere else. We glided out of the quaint London street unnoticed before hitting the M4. Speeding along now at 70 miles per hour which is 110 kilometres just like in Australia. A three hour drive ahead of us. Our automatic windscreen wipers instantly switch on as the British light rain sets in for our road trip.


We pass by Legoland not opened in winter or we would both be going there. Next signage was to Slough. This is where our favourite TV show, ‘The Office’, had been filmed from their office block. How many times have we watched and rewatched these series. A lot!!

It looks as if they have many solar power farms here. We just drove passed thousands of solar power panels in the fields with no sun to be seen. Imagine if we had solar farms in Australia! Well there is enough land and sun to power the world.

As the rain gives way to clearer skies, a carpet of green fields roll by.

At 2-30 in the afternoon as we drive along the A4 towards Bath fog sets in making visibility limited.

Quaint country villages appear through the fog complete with pubs with names like, ‘The Griffin’ and ‘The Willy Wicket Inn’. These towns are not complete without stone cozy houses and stone walls.

Our destination leads us along thin dark thicket country roads to The Old Wagon Barn in Stogumber. Looks like a great country stay for us.



  1. Have fun on your road trip We leave Paris today after sampling amazing macaroons and artisan sweet treats but the coffee……. Hmmm Hanging out for a good Aussie coffee We are travelling to Nice on the TVG Any tips Kim and Rob? Hoping for some colder weather to make more snow Travel safe Stephanie xx

    1. Hey Steph enjoy your rail travel, as we loved gliding over the tracks. We are staying in a country cottage with lush green grass and rain drops all around us. Just did a wet walk to 700 hundred year old church. Now heading off for a drive. Enjoy Nice don’t think there is much snow this year.

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