๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง British Museum & Changing of the Guard

What have we been doing over the past two day since our last blog??

Well we had a chance to have lunch with some old Sunshine Coast friends who are now living back in South Africa. It is such a small world. We haven’t seen Tami and Trevor for 3 years. Hannah I taught in Prep and Year One is now heading to six. Rob taught Hannah in Year Two. Connor I taught in Prep is heading to high school and Baby Ben is on in his Prep Year. I am holding on to the hope that who knows I could still get to teach Ben next year in 2017.

We enjoyed lunch together. The restaurant had an interactive order touch screen table top with games for the kids to play.


We left and headed for the London Dungeons as we had booked tickets. I think our photo tells you what we really thought.

Too touristy for us and definitely not a place for young kids. I left wondering if the many children would end up with nightmares. The content was R rated as well. First thing we could have done without on our trip so far.


On our walk back to Waterloo station we took a wrong turn and ended up in an amazing graffiti tunnel. Graffiti artists were busy spraying away with paint cans. I said to Rob I think we are heading the wrong way and he responded, “Keep Walking”.



On Thursday as Australians were preparing to see in the New Year Rob and I celebrated by heading out to see the Horse Guard Parade.

We were lucky enough to walk beside the marching horses. I thought I was videoing it but in my excitement forgot to push record. I did also get a video of the ground.

I was lucky enough to get a picture of Rob marching along beside the Royal Guard.



We then took a nice walk through St. James Park heading to Buckingham Palace to watch the changing of the Guard. On our walk through the park we came across giant Pelicans on the walking path.



My first view of Buckingham Palace and this was as close as we were going to get to the Changing of the Guard. A street parade built on Nation Pride and Country Spirit with thousands watching as the horses marched by and the military band played. A must see if you come to London.


Rob wanted to take me to morning tea at The Ritz Hotel but the doormen whispered to Rob there was a dress code. I did tell Rob to take off his beanie as we entered but maybe they don’t know Lorna Jane??



So we decide to try our fourth burger chain. This was an Hawaiian burger chainย  Kua ‘Aina Burgers


We ended up at the British Museum after lunch.

The Egyptian Rooms were amazing.

Some of these ancient stone statues were overwhelming as they are over four thousand years old.

There were ย many mummies in their coffins.

Two great things it was not crowded and the museum is free!


I think we have explored most of the city of London. Rob was saying that the UnderGround is about 15 stories down under the streets. This is what the newest station looks like. An underground city of concrete and metal.

So Happy New Year from us here in London. We are tucked up inside in our comfy apartment. Very quiet here in our neighborhood. We decided not to join the crowds. ย Tomorrow we are doing a day trip out to the county of Kent and then we are going to grab a car and start our England road trip.



  1. Happy New Year! Enjoy your road trip! If you see a town that appeals check out the school as you may land a teaching job or a good contact for the future. Denmead school at Hampton was where my eldest ( Izaak ) went to school in Reception.
    ( Prep ) The principal was an Aussie at the time. Was a nice suburb near Hampton Court and Richmond. Am loving seeing your photos and reading about your adventures. Xx Really loved the colours of the Borough Markets! Wished I was there…Beautiful.

    1. So looking forward to the road trip. We are ready for a walk in the countryside. Having such a nice time we are going out towards Kent to look at the school and street where my had used to live when he was young. Take care xox

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