๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง Pottering around London


We decided on a slower day today but we probably still walked at least 10 kilometres or more. Our first site was Borough Markets.

You can buy everything fresh here but a little pricey. There was bread that would cost $50 for a full loaf.

So we decided to buy some chips because they were cheap. ย And tasty! ย What really took our eye was the Church that stood next to the market. It was called Southwark Cathedral and is about 700 years old and had a great outdoor garden.ย  A tranquil place to sit and admire the squirrels and church gardens.


Outside the Church was a great place to view the building called, ‘The Shard’.

We stopped to share an orange chocolate scone and a hot chilli coffee at a coffee house across from the market. Yummy!



We saw many sites of interest as we walked along the river. Crowds were building which sucks your energy. This was a skate park that we passed.

More street performers trying to make a living. This person is dressed as a cat in a box.


There are so many bridges here in London. This is the Millennium bridge.ย  What a nice day!!


We headed to St. James Park which is a very large park known for its resident Pelicans. Yes Pelicans in a London Park. They were a gift to London over 400 years ago. Many birds live on the lake here.

This was a great place to relax amongst nature as London streets were extremely over crowded.


At King Cross Station on our way home we found the station ย 9 and 3 quarters from the Harry Potter Movie. ย Of course there were 1000 people lined up to get their photos taken.


  1. Bounjour from across the ditch! Just returned from evening Mass at Notre Dame and visiting the amazing Sainte Chapelle. Ccccccold here….. just acclimatising
    Re , returning to work….. don’t you two have some long service??? Just keep going I say
    Well done with your blog….. love following your travels xx

    1. How nice Steph! You made it! Notre Dame is an amazing Church. We are always overwhelmed every time we enter a beautiful Church. We cannot get enough of them and there are many to view. That’s probably how we will spend our long service Church jumping. Well coat and scarf up and get moving and you will love exploring Paris!! Love Kim xox I am with you girl enjoy New Year’s Eve.

  2. Hey Kim, the London Pelicans look like they’re feeling the cold a tad. Unlike the Cotton Tree Pelicans. ๐Ÿ˜Š

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