๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง Westminster Abbey & St Paul’s Cathedral

On Boxing Day Rob had wanted to follow his true religion watching Liverpool football team play at Anfield on their home field, but that dream was not to be.


Instead we headed for a more spiritual journey steeped in English history Westminster Abbey. This remarkable church is over a thousand years old. The Abbey has been the nation’s Coronation church. The church of many memorable royal weddings. It is also the burial place for many famous historical figures for the last thousand years. No photos were allowed inside the church. It was a work of art. We enjoyed a guided head phone commentary.


The courtyard inside the Abbey.

As we leave Big Ben stands tall and proud in the centre of the street.



We hit the pavement for a walk across town to explore St Paul’s Cathedral. It’s domed roof is striking across the city skyline. The building has changed over the years, but the church has stood on this site for over 1400 years. ย Most people probably wouldn’t have walked across most of London but it is enjoyable to see and absorb the feel of the city.

We climbed over 500 step winding stairs to the viewing deck surrounding the dome. It was an exhausting climb.

There you have a picture perfect panoramic view over London.

The effort is truly worth it. This is a magnificent church which once again takes your breath away. A true masterpiece inside and out from floor to ceilings. Once again no photos are allowed inside.

We ended our night by having a romantic date night. We had tickets to the only Gold Class Cinema in London to see Star Wars. ODEON is an exclusive and luxurious cinema for over 18’s with a bar and fine food.

We relaxed in the push of a button luxury recliner lounge chairs and waited for the movie to begin. Throughout the adventure our drinks and food arrived discretely on time.

Star Wars is a religion on its own. This Star Wars Movie was definitely worth the wait and it had been hard to avoid the spoilers. Good to see a film where you didn’t already know the twists. ย Incredibly expensive movie experience though. A Glass of wine was $15! ย But well worth it for a special movie. May the Force be with you all and stay away from the dark side. ย Another religious experience.

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