๐Ÿ‡ง๐Ÿ‡ช Discovering Bruges by Day

We found the most picturesque morning market set in the medieval town. Wow! and we both love our veggie markets. ย We are up early every Saturday to enjoy buying fresh produce from the farmers direct. This market was a true find. Early morning market shopping always has a special feel but this was something else – a back drop to die for.

We then explored the tranquil canals of Bruges by boat. This is where the white swans have lived for over 500 years. They say Bruges is the little Venice of the North. In some ways it is even more picturesque. The boat trip was very cheap compared to Venice but you are sharing your ride with about thirty other tourists. It is a must do along with the horse and coach ride, sampling chocolate and gourmet beers.


We could not leave without glancing through the famous frites museum (Frietmuseum), which means you should be able to guess Rob’s favourite staple food, yes chips! Potatoes are a big part of the staple food here. Chips twice a week, double deep fried and cut very straight to contain less oil. They definitely know how to make delicious frites here!!

Rob would love an industrial chip kitchen back home.

Chip machines from the past.

We brought a small selection of gourmet beers and Belgium chocolate to sample on our very quiet Christmas Day.

The two kilometre walk out of the old town was slightly challenging with our bags on cobbled stone streets but it gave us a chance to enjoy the passing buildings and architecture of a medieval past. It is truly a place to visit.

It hard to believe as we sit on the train with Bruges in the distance behind us we will fall asleep tonight in London. You can fit a lot into a day here in Europe as the day doesn’t really start here until 10am and then everything stays open until late into the night.

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