๐Ÿ‡ง๐Ÿ‡ช A Night Out in Bruges

Our accommodation here is very spacious with a very large kitchen. It is big enough to house a family of six. It is very clear and modern.

No time to waste, off we headed to explore Bruges as night blankets the evening sky. It is a very pretty Medieval town built in the twelfth to fifteenth century. It is all made of romantic stone with a narrow river canal running through the town.

Our first stop was a charming beer garden over looking the canal. Fairy lights danced in the trees above. Belgium is well known for its beer and this popular pub called ‘The Beer Wall’, had 14 beers on tap. Rob returned with a coconut beer for me and he enjoyed a special Christmas beer. This place was just magical. A great place to start date night. ย The view was amazing in the twilight air and my date was pretty handsome and great company!!! We really enjoyed chilling here. A very special romantic place amongst a cheerful winter crowd.


Every second shop here makes hand made delicious chocolate which we sampled whilst buying a few bags to take home to the boys.

It was a night to try everything and Rob stopped at the Medieval Torture Museum. Rob loves medieval history one of his favourite degrees at university. Not sure how useful it was when getting a job. If he went back to university it would be to study just what we were about to see. ย It was interesting to see the different methodologies.

Off for some fresh air to enjoy the Christmas markets and watch ice skating. We found a great gourmet burger restaurant. It was called Ellis Gourmet Burger. We love knowing that our favourite meal the gourmet burger is popular all over the world. They even served cherry beer there which tastes better than it sounds. It was served on ice in glasses. Yum. Thanks to Liefmans on the Rocks, this is now and forever will be my special drink. Hope I can get it back in Oz!!!



One last thing to do and that is every girl’s dream to ride in a horse and carriage through the streets of a medieval town. The clip clip of the hooves talk to you on your journey. Our horse was so well trained, not afraid of cars or the small crowds crossing and gathering in the market square. On our half an hour ride we stopped at a park to give our horse a rest and something to eat and drink. This is a sign that these horses are well cared for. They are only allowed to work three days a week and graze in fields for four days. Imagine a four day weekend. We work hard but have not achieved that.

Across the road is swan lake a place where all the swans gather at night. There is too much magic around in this beautiful town.

We clip clip back along Christmas lit streets. I felt like Cinderella with my Prince Charming sitting next to me. Medieval towers and churches lurk in the darkness. Christmas lights are bright and fill the air. This is a night we will keep close in our hearts as if in a dream. Bruges is a fairytale medieval town where dreams come true.


  1. Mmm coconut beer sounds superb! Chocolate tasting, horse driven carts and a touch of history what a beautiful night. Xx

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