๐Ÿ‡ซ๐Ÿ‡ท On the Tracks Again

Now that we are once again gliding along the silvery smooth rails again it is time to reflect on our time spent in Paris together.

Most of Paris we discovered by foot.

The Metro is an experience but not a favourite. Something to merely tolerate to help you get to your required destination. Sounds like school for some students.

If you love to walk and explore there are many beautiful ย places and spaces for you to discover. You can find the simple pleasures in the weather. Which maybe the cool morning breeze that hits your face as you stroll the streets or the winter leaves rustling across the street curbs during winter. Clear blue winter days are to rejoice in, especially the warm sunshine on your skin. The weather has been on our side. One of my favourite things has been the crisp clear days. I love winter travel as difference is what makes travel exciting. Coats, boots and scarves are a joy to experience.

There is a real Christmas feel on street corners where real trees are being sold.

ย ย 
Apartment blocks have high security here in Paris like a fortress locked away from the world. Once entering the big timber solid doors you then have to unlock your cast iron security gate and there before you is a quaint courtyard locked away from the cobblestone streets.

ย ย 
You learn a lot about who you are on your travels and yes anyone who knows Rob and I well, know that we are super organised people. ย It is a strength we both share but at times I am sure it drives family and work colleagues insane.

Our medical kit was a great asset to us when Rob was feel blue or maybe a shade of many greys (50?). ย Our bags were a great choice, easy to manage and they still have their wheels on. Our coats have kept us super warm. Rob’s planning and navigation skills are a credit to him. He is my mobile Navman. With his phone in hand he can navigate his way around any city with ease. It is his brain exercise for the day and he is always up to the challenge.

As we exit through the countryside of France the train really speeds along. Shades of purple and violet wild flowers are a mere blur. Lines of giant white wind mills spin in tune with each other providing power for the many farms. The look like great ship propellers navigating air space. Pitched roofs wait for snow to fall amongst lush green fields and patched worked ploughed fields. Bare tall twiggy trees line the outside areas. It is a pleasure to sit back and take in the country side as it swiftly rolls past at high speed.
We are on a short 2 hour train trip to Brussels in Belgium. There we change trains for medieval Bruges. ย This will be our stop for tonight and then late tomorrow we are off to London.
Wonders of modern technology- it has been great to keep in touch with others through conversations and comments so that we still feel close to home.

ย ย 

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