๐Ÿ‡ซ๐Ÿ‡ท Notre Dame & Saint-Chappelle

We put on our walking shoes and prepared ourselves for a big day out at the major sights in Paris. The weather once again was on our side. We left our apartment with the sun just rising in the sky. A photo out our window reminds me of the storybook scenes from Mary Poppins.

Our first site was the famous church of Notre Dame.



A must see for me as the Hunchback of Notre Dame was a special favourite of mine when the boys were young. We climbed 420 spiral steps to the top of the bell tower. It gave us our first chance to view Paris from above. The viewing ย area was narrow and you had to squeeze around each corner. At this point I was considering if I had put on weight but not likely after all the walking we have done.


Rob was impressed by all the amazing gargoyles. We were glad we arrived early as the queues were building fast. A tiny door and more stairs lead us to the bell tower. I understand why the movie was called Hunchback of Notre Dame. You had to hunch down low to fit through the door to the bell tower. ย At the top were two beautiful bells. Rob found the climb exhausting as it took all his energy to climb to the top. Notre Dame Cathedral was a real highlight for me with its rose glass windows, tall steeple, towers and gothic architecture. A true masterpiece with so many fairytale treasures to explore. I could see why it is the most visited monument in France.

Our second church was called ‘The Holy Chapel La Sainte-Chapelle’. Which contains the largest stained glass windows in France. It was inspiring with its fifty foot stained glass windows. Rob was taken back by the sheer magnitude and beauty of the art work of each window, and when the sun shone through the glass it was outstanding. The vault blue and gold trim ceiling added to the sense of height. Saint Chapelle was truely jaw dropping. This chapel has one of the most extensive collections of 13 century stain glass collections in the world even though it was damaged in the French Revolution.

Security here was extremely high. There were bag x-ray machines and body scans, whereas at Notre Dame they just looked in your bags.


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