๐Ÿ‡จ๐Ÿ‡ญ Lucerne – Mindful Colouring Day!

Rob was knocked out cold today from the virus that took him down. He lost 3 kilos in a little under 8 hours. He went from hot to cold unable to regulate his body temperature. To move a limb took so much effort and an extreme amount of concentration.

I ventured out to the shop alone to grab some more fluids for Rob. It of course was an amazingly warm winter’s day with the sun shining down here in Switzerland. Far too hot for a coat and scarf. On my adventures around the supermarket I realised that a lot of the products and fresh fruit and veggies here are labelled bio meaning organic. That would partly account for why things are so expensive here. Another tick for this beautiful country that promotes healthy and clean living as I love to buy organic products.



On closer exploration I found that people like to buy colourful eggs here.



There is only one chain of supermarkets to shop in and they are called Coop.

I took a photo of the primary school that is straight across the road from our apartment. Looks nice. Maybe I should go and leave a resume or spend the day there whilst Rob sleeps soundly.

This is how you eat cheaply over here in Switzerland organic bananas with organic butter and freshly baked stone ground bread. I am up for that any day! Love my fresh produce. I think I have eaten half a loaf of bread to myself whilst Rob sleeps on like Sleeping Beauty!!!



I have become hooked on my mindful colouring books that my boys brought for me for my birthday. The jazz music is playing, Rob is sleeping and the hazel nut chocolate bar is becoming less and less. Whilst Rob is quickly losing weight I on the other hand am gaining weight from devouring delicious Swiss chocolate by the block.



I think I want my table at home to look like this.

We are enjoying space that comes with Airbnb stays. They are so easy and have a homely and relaxed feel.

Our apartment from the outside.

This is the mural on the toilet window. A happy dolphin wanting to explore the world just like us as soon as Rob’s body fights off the enemies lurking inside him.

Tomorrow we head for Paris. I hope Rob and I will have a chance to return here and explore more one day. We paid for a boat trip on the lake and a trip on the cogwheel train up to Rigi, but sadly due to Rob getting sick we were unable to do it. A carrot to keep working!


  1. I love the look of
    1. Your desk
    2. Your epic colouring in
    3. Your red apartment block
    4. Coloured eggs
    5. The primary school across the street.
    6. Organic bananas

    I like the sound of-
    1. Rob getting better
    2. Paris
    3. You getting your Masters in education
    Lots of love and hope Rob feels better!

  2. That is too bad Poor Rob Hope you are feeling better soon. If you can take something positive out of this Rob and Kim is that fact that you have enlightened me to the importance of taking a medical kit – all I had packed was some panadol!!! ! So thanks for the travel advice Switerland looks magical – your travel blog, wonderful xx

    1. Not long now until you leave for Paris are you in Tasmania with family now? I am glad that you are finding our blog useful. Rob had a good night sleep and will be back on board today. So so pretty here probably my favourite place.

    2. Hey Steph hope you are enjoying lots of family time. We are just leaving Paris a highlight for us was the night cruise and seeing the Eiffel Tower all a blaze as it twinkles on the hour for 5 mins from 6pm not to be missed. Love Kim

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