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An Explosive day for Rob!

We took a train to our accommodation in Lucerne. We got in late but we can not wait to explore this beautiful town on a vast lake. Our accommodation is very cute and cosy. It has been restored and is about 200 years old.


We are in love with Airbnb! Great homely accommodation with lots of extras like spices and cooking oils, washing powder, great shower gel and washing up liquids all supplied. Great for the traveller who just wants to arrive and carry less. Oh and yes Internet and this place has large Apple desk top computer, Swiss chocolates and amazing coffee pods!!! We will be spending our Next two whole days in Lucerne before we journey to Paris.


It hit without warning! Rob as usual made me coffee and an amazing breakfast which consisted of croissants with ham and cheese. Then he spent the next hour dashing to the toilet. A horrid bug had struck him down. I had spoke too soon only saying yesterday we had not been sick yet, but we did come prepared with with gastro- stop and c powder. It says on the box improvement within 1-3 hours well that is a liar, as it took at least 6 hours. Rob visited every toilet around. I will probably be next. I think Rob would have lost around 5 kilograms today at least. We probably did 20 toilet stops and he has not eaten a thing today.

Lucerne is the most magical town surrounded by snow tipped mountain peaks and a picture perfect lake full of huge white swans. Rob’s teaching partner calls it her home and visits every year. I am with you Suzanne. To teach here in Switerland to you need to have a masters degree in teaching. This may just be a carrot to inspire me to go back and study. Very expensive to holiday here but if you were earning a wage here it could work.

Rob decided to soldier on so we could explore this beautiful town. I know he did it just for me and I really wish he had not been so sick. I don’t think we both realised how tough this virus was. He is a true soul mate. First Rob took me to the Lion Monument. Rob visited the toilet whilst I admired the lions resembles to a fallen soldier. The lion statues stirred up many emotions as you observe a wounded lion. I have a special spot for lion statues. We have seen many on our travels and they are so life like. The lion statues remind me of a story I read with my students at school. The lion is brave and will sacrifice himself to save others. A noble and trusted friend just like Hurley Dog at home.

Then we strolled down to the picturesque lake and poor Rob again visited the toilet whilst I admired the white swans gliding peaceful along the mirror like lake.

We took the train and then hit the snow fields called Titlis. It took four separate cable cars to reach the peak where we walked through a glacial cave. Robs energy levels dropping with the temperatures as we climbed higher into the cold white wonderland. We were in a big white abyss. At each stop on our way down the mountain Rob visited the toilet as I sadly enjoyed the view alone wishing we had just stayed in our warm cosy apartment so Rob could have rested and restored his body.


On our way home Rob struggled to walk across the Chapel Bridge. Rob was really unable to enjoy the fact that we were walking across a monumental piece of history that was built in 1333. It is famous as it is the oldest restored covered bridge in Europe and the oldest surviving truss bridge in the world. Getting sick sucks when you are travelling!!

Our studio apartment is only about 8 minutes walk from the picturesque lake. It is a very clean town with great public transport. Buses here are three bus lengths long and push bikes line the streets.


Rob is tucked up in bed sleeping soundly as he should have been all day. I hope he will feel better after a good nights sleep. Oh no, he just woke and is shivering. I will be nurse for the night. The joys of travelling come with viruses.



  1. Take care Rob. I ended up in hospital in Italy with food poisoning as you know. You may not have a virus. Seek medical attention if you don’t improve soon. Not fun being ill on holiday. Great blog. Mum

    1. Thanks Mum. Threw up last night as well. Did nothing today – hot and cold sweats. Kept everything in -not eating just fluids. Was thinking of your time in Italy.

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