๐Ÿ‡จ๐Ÿ‡ญ Zurich

We are enjoying our train travel. We had a four hour train trip today from Milano to Zurich. We got to sit across from some retired fellow Aussies who were so happy to chat with us for hours. We saw our first glimpse of snow from the train windows..

Our first city to visit was Zurich. A functional city on a lake. We loved the large white swans swimming in the lake. We went to another Christmas market got not strudel, but amazing Indian for lunch. Food is very expensive here. Cost Rob $10-00 for a small coffee. To get a main meal at a restaurant is around $60-00 a main. It also can be a little chilly eating outside so you need lamb’s wool on your seat.

Here is a photo of some very expensive avocados and mangoes my boys’ favourite food.

That is around $15-00 we think it had to be a kilo. I think we will be living on bread and potato but if you know Rob that is his favourite food so he will be happy. I was just starting to learn how to speak Italian but now I need to learn how to speak German. Danke- thank you is about all we know! Well at least we are being polite.

On our walk through the streets of Zurich, Santa came speeding past in his very own tram.


    1. Yes we loved Lucerne and we will return one day. Just arrived in Paris. We are going to have an early night so we can explore all day tomorrow. Give Shaun a hug from me love Kim xox

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