๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡น Milan – Arriverderci Italy

We arrived in Milan late at night. We had to wait a little while outside our accommodation but finally someone came to let us in. It was an apartment inside a little arcade right in the heart of Milan. ย A very odd apartment, our least favourite so far, but livable and comfy with lots of room as ceilings were high. ย It had no front on the dishwasher, a small attic with a very noisy dryer (we thought the neighbours would be surely knocking on our door) and no cooking utensils. ย But it was warm and we were in Milan so we still had a great time. We loved the small charming lift in our apartment. It was something out of an old movie. Our building has great security and it was so close to major sights.

We quickly found the Christmas markets and the prize of our journey so far – mulled wine and apple strudel.

Had to come back for another strudel as they were amazing – thin pastry and filled with spicy apples. ย Jai and Shaun sorry we can not bring you any home but we know you both would have loved it and that is why your mum had seconds just for you boys.



The Christmas markets were right on the side of the Duomo. ย Now the Duomo. ย Where to begin? ย  We have seen some amazing churches so far but this one – it is hard to describe and the pictures do not do it justice. ย Your jaw drops at the sheer scale of it, the work and effort that must have gone into it. This impressive cathedral took nearly six centuries to complete. Milan Cathedral is the biggest cathedral in Italy and the third biggest in the world!! We paid extra to climb up to the top and walk in amongst the archways and gargoyles. ย A big unexpected highlight for us both. This could very well be heaven in Kim’s eyes. The stained glass windows were out of this world. We understand why these churches are heavily guarded as they are priceless historical monuments. The circumference of each marble pillar would take at least 6 people’s outstretched holding hands.



Milan is very well known as one of the top fashion capitals of the world and a walk down the rectangle of high end shops brought a new meaning to look but don’t touch or should we say look and show your credit card at the door as you enter.

We enjoyed strolling through a park in Milan but it made us miss Hurley dog as there were many dogs out enjoying the day.

On our travels through a truly beautiful country we have learnt how to order coffee. We have come to appreciate the stand up bar coffee culture which has not caught on back home in Australia.



  1. Wow! The scale and ornate features in that church are stunning. Xx Stand up coffee and apple strudels look yummy. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

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