๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡น Venice the Floating City of Love !

Arrived in Venice via our high speed, speedy train. Train travel is definitely the way to travel around Europe. The trains are on time, low stress (unlike driving) and very comfortable.

If you wish to drive here in Europe you have to forget everything you have been taught in Australia. That is keep left, use an indicator when over taking, keep to the speed limit, don’t park near corners or near a pedestrian crossing, never merge out to over take on winding roads, slow down on corners and keep in your own lane at all times. No wonder car rental companies have such a bad name over here as driving is like learning a second language. If you have to drive less is more, which means small trips in a small car. A mini is like a four wheel drive when trying to park in a tiny space and narrow streets.


Any form of transport that we don’t have to navigate is great! So a water taxi which is called a vaporetto was a great way for us to arrive in Venice from the train station.

We are staying at the Best Western Bisanzio which was amazingly easy to find. The staff at the front desk were very happy to see us and believe it or not they upgraded us to a room with a balcony. Wow it was our lucky day!!!! At last something for Rob and Kim, not an upgrade to first class on the plane which I had wished for but at least a balcony!!! Our room is decorated with decadent furnishings.ย  Ornate lighting, mirrors, hand carved bedhead, tables and chairs, beautiful curtains and painting line the walls. A miniature size room that looks like it is out of a castle, is how I would describe it.

We strolled the streets of Venice and enjoyed the sun setting over the water with gondolas and many ancient buildings as our back drop.ย  The city floats on water. It is fun to follow the narrow streets into markets and piazzas looking at the amazing architecture and street vendors.

As we walked over the famous Rialto bridge amongst the night crowds I felt someone put their hand under my coat and tap my bum. I though Rob was being romantic but no, probably a pick pocket out to make a little money for the night. As we round a corner a nice smiley man tries to hand me a red rose from his basket. Being a polite girl I went to take it, but Rob pulls me away saying no! Another way to make money here in Venice from unsuspecting women like me who are happy to take a free rose. Every day of travel is a journey.


An overnight stay is enough time to explore Venice.ย  Our next stop is Milan, before we go very cold in Switzerland…


  1. The weather looks like it is getting cooler and brisk On Friday here it was a stinky hot 37 C and today overcast and showery for the morning and then turned into a pleasant afternoon What cheeky pickpockets – that is a bit brash good tips though Thanks

    1. Hey Steph yes starting to cool down I ever had a neck warmer under my scarf yesterday in Venice. I need a few lessons from Denise on scarf wrapping. Some women make it look like art work. Oh well plenty of time to work out the art of the scarf. I am not missing our hot summer days as the cool weather is great for walking and enjoying the outdoors Ciao!!!

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