๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡น Florence and the Duomo

On Tuesday we decided, having walked close to 30 kms over 2 days, to have a rest day.ย  It was also the start of the Jubilee – where the Pope opened the doors of the Vatican – this means 2 million people – good day to stay away from the crowds, watch survivor and stay in pjs all day.

Today, Wednesday, we caught an early train to Florence.ย  It was an express train – leather seats, 250km/hr, very nice.


Florence was quiet, and very cultured – clean, sophisticated – very different from Rome.



Gothic churches – something out of a movie.ย  Not a place we thought would be much – but very impressive.ย We left our bags in the train station lockers, which was very convenient for day visitors. We set off climbing a narrow steep staircase which had three separate levels for us to rest out weary legs. Gradually we completed 412 steps up to the top of the Giotto’s Bell Tower – which gave impressive views of the Duomo (domed church) and the Baptistry. It was a very impressive way to view the skyline of Florence. The bell tower itself is considered to be one of the most beautiful in Italy. This being our first experience at climbing a bell tower it was an amazing experience.



In Italy when drinking coffee you stand up and drink it at a bar and the volume of coffee is very tiny – a different experience.ย  Saw our first Christmas market – was disappointing – seemed a little too commercial. But chips were great!


Streets were cobbled – and plenty to see around every corner.ย  Kim twisted her ankle on a step she didn’t see.



  1. Yeah Go Cordiners Loving the posts and the pics You are both in another world Amazing Careful with that driving- Intersections are the worst and having to undo the automaticity of whizzing over to the left Take care Just starting to pack Is it cold?

    1. Hi Steph! We just had our first day exploring Tuscany. People drive so, so fast here. We are having a great time each and every minute on our journey. Today we made our way to some wilderness hot thermal pools and soaked our bodies in minerals and warm water. The weather has been so beautiful. Sunny days with blue sky and a chill in the air. We are loving every minute. At every turn their is something to awaken the soul and enliven your senses. Don’t pack to much as less is more. You just need a good coat and pants. I am not wearing thermals yet maybe in England but weather is great..

    2. Yes wow, wow, wow is what i keep saying. Not sure what or where to look next. Tuscany hill top villages are like waking into a fairy tale. I wonder if I could just become a full time blogger roaming the world. Sounds a life time away from our real world. We are on a high speed train heading to Venice which will arrive in about half an hour. Then we are taking an hour boat ride using a water taxi into Venice to our first hotel stay. Our B&b stays have been amazing. Take care you will be travelling soon so get ready for your wow moment.

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