๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡น Rome we have landed…


Great flight from Abu Dhabi to Rome. Caught train from airport into Rome which took about 30 minutes. Then the adventure started as we found our way bags and all searching for our apartment. Rollie bags and cobbled streets are interesting. Even though we thought we didn’t bring much luggage, it felt like I was dragging an elephant as my body was so tired after so little sleep.

Our first Airbnb apartment is to die for. It has natural timber bench tops and flooring. The kitchen was just made for Rob and I as we love to cook. It is filled with cooking oils, fresh garlic and spices to explore. One great thing about using Airbnb is people leave their bits so the next person can use. The apartment is spacious and has a delightful outdoor courtyard to make you feel at home. It has stone ceilings which are so beautiful to look at.


We decided to go for a quick wander up the street from our apartment to look for food. We found a great pizzeria down a quaint side street. It was full of people chatting, we waited only to find out the restaurant closed at 5pm and reopened at 7pm for dinner so we hit the streets and the photo tells all. Fresh pasta with wine, beer and fresh baked bread is what we took home to cook for dinner. At 6pm Rob woke me up from the lounge with my dinner plate still in my hand. There was no way I could wait to eat at the Pizzeria at 7pm as I was tucked in bed and snoring. Now it is 2am in the morning and both Rob and I are wide awake and ready to explore Romeโ€ฆ. maybe we need to wait a few hours before we hit the streets here!



  1. Beautiful surroundings, love the archway and the views to outside xx Can already see that you are going to be having wonderful adventures especially when the jet lag is passed. Hilarious post about what to do on a plane… Nice colouring!

    1. Hi Trish yes I think our jet lag has finally passed and we are now sleeping until 6 am not like on our first few days we woke at 1am and we were out and about in Rome at 6am in the morning. Well at least we had the sites all to ourselves. Tuscany was full of fairy tale hill top villages. If you love architecture, hand crafted timber doors, cast iron door knockers, shutters and stone pavements you feel like you could wander the streets forever. I may just get lost here forever. We are in Venice and the weather her is so good. A chill in the air but amazing blue sunny skies above us. Enjoy your time away from uni as once you are back the roller coast for another year starts again. Lots of love and excitement Kim and Rob xox

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