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We are off! Watch out Europe. How exciting as this was our first Europe trip together. A six week holiday hitting the big cities to see if we could handle spending a year’s long service together in Europe. Just a pipe dream at present but hopefully our dream will come true.

Reality check for Kim who headed straight for the first class check in! Bon voyage!

IMG_2304ย ย IMG_2302


Many sleepless hours later we are currently in a cafe in Abu Dhabi. Had a very long flight with screaming children. ย Kim had the vegetarian meal for breakfast which was a very hot curry for some reason. Hardly any leg room on the plane. ย Man behind Kim wouldn’t let her put her seat back so she waited until he went to the bathroom and did it anyway. ย Very American cafes at airport here. ย So much sugary products served here and on the plane. ย Next flight is 7 hrs til Rome.

So what do you do on a long flight like this to occupy your mind? Well you can eat, sit, do leg stretches as advised by my sister Jenny, drink that is lots of water, play games ,watch movies, listen to music, take countless trips to the toilet…ย  but I think it was mindful colouring and quick nano kips that kept us sane on this long haul. And yes we have seen snow out our plane window. I need to head to the toilet to get my thermals on!


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